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Welcome to Al-huda Islamic Cultural Establishment  &        Ainul Huda Orphanage

  In the name of Allah, most gracious most merciful

   The nobility given to those who bring up and care for the orphan finds no match in the teaching of prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him). The prophet himself was an orphan from the very early child hood. Here we try in the humblest way to offer our services in this glorious path of Islam.

    Ainul Huda Orphanage started on 22nd April 1985 is the first philanthropic institution ventured by Al-Huda Islamic Cultural Establishmentt. Now we have Thirteen other institutions in addition to the orphanage.

Main entrance of Al-huda Islamic Cultural Est. and Orphanage

Ainul Huda Orphanage Students

    We believe in the principles of Ahlu-Sunnah-Al-Jamath and we aim at the development of Muslim community is face the challenges of the modern life. We strike for enrichment of life here as here after.

    All these institutions and other ventures have been successfully functioning with the whole hearted and sincere co-operative assistance of the Muslim brothers and sisters both at home and abroad. With great expectation we are looking forward to the same in the ensuing years also.
May Allah, the almighty bless all of us and accept our deeds and services as virtuous and gracious.

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