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Ainul Huda Orphanage - Kappad

In the name of Allah, most gracious most merciful

    Ainul Huda Orphanage started on 22nd April 1985 is the first philanthropic institution ventured by Al-Huda Islamic cultural Establishment. In its very humble beginning there was only seven poor orphan inmates. Now with blessings of the Almighty we provide food, clothing and shelter to hundred inmates. They come from the poorest households.

   We enlighten them with Islamic Madrassa Education up to standard X and general education up to degree level, in our recognized college (Affiliated to University of Calicut).

Ainul Huda Orphanage

Main entrance of Al-huda Islamic Cultural Est. and Orphanage

   We believe in the principles of Ahlu-Sunnah-Al-Jamath and we aim at the development of Muslim community is face the challenges of the modern life. We strike for enrichment of life here as here after.

Ainul Huda Orphanage

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